Microgreens from all over the world,
locally grown in SXM

Flavors and aesthetics

Young and fresh, Souliga Greens microgreens are grown with the aim of delighting both the eyes and the taste buds! Their varied shapes and colors enhance the visual appearance of your culinary creations, while their explosive flavors boost all your dishes: salads, fish, meats, pastas, gratins and desserts by bringing them subtle or more surprising notes. Our young sprouts also work wonders with sandwiches, soups or even smoothies and cocktails.

Healthy food

Grown without pesticides and without chemical inputs, Soualiga Greens sprouts and micro-greens are above all respectful of your health. And beyond being healthy, our sprouts and micro-greens bring the quintessence of the plant to your table, by concentrating mineral salts, antioxidants and vitamins in proportions that can be up to 20 times higher than those of a mature plant. The perfect combination of pleasure and health!


Our technological partner Vif Systems has designed our production tool from the outset to be particularly environmentally friendly. Our shoots are produced in a controlled indoor environment (indoor) in a recycled maritime container and packaged in trays manufactured from recycled yogurt pots. They require 100 times less agricultural space than growing them in the ground and consume up to 26,000 times less water. Finally, our shoots are distributed in short and ultra-short circuits, which allows drastic reduction of the carbon footprint.


30 varieties from around the world
ready to enhance your culinary creations

agastache microgreens


Amaranth microgreens


Dill microgreens


Lemon basil microgreens

Lemon basil

Purple basil microgreens

Purple basil

Thai basil microgreens

Thai basil

Basil microgreens


Mafane bred microgreens

Mafane bred

Borage microgreens


Nasturtium microgreens


Coriander microgreens


Garden cress microgreens

Garden cress

Roselle microgreens

Sorel / roselle hibiscus

Lavandula multifida microgreens

Lavandula multifida

Lovage microgreens


Lupin microgreens


Lemon balm microgreens

Lemon balm

Purple mustard microgreens

Purple mustard

Green mustard microgreens

Green mustard

Blood sorrel microgreens

Blood sorrel

Tendril pea shots microgreens

Tendril pea

Purple radish microgreens

Pink radish

Salad rocket microgreens

Salad rocket

Pickleweed microgreens


Japanese shiso microgreens

Japanese shiso

Green shiso microgreens

Green shiso

Marigold microgreens


Thyme microgreens


Sunflower microgreens


 Wasabi microgreens


To find out our prices, request samples or order directly:

Phone / whatsapp : +590 690 76 30 08
Email : contact@soualiga-greens.com
(delivery within 12 to 24 hours)

We cultivate our microgreens with passion,
we find our satisfaction in your creations

Microgreens at their best thanks to the Vif Box™.

Illustration Vif Box

Both stylish and compact, the "Vif Box" is a storage cabinet which will allow you to always have a reserve of shoots and micro-shoots. Installed on a worktop, it will prove to be as practical as it is aesthetic: ideal for keeping your aromatic plants in a perfect state of freshness for quick service, it will also be your ally for breathtaking cooking shows. The Vif Box allows you to store up to 36 trays.

Soualiga Greens is the exclusive distributor of VIF Systems&trade indoor growing solutions; in the Caribbean.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.